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Nov. 3 : A Night around the World Concert

October 30, 2018 Go see all theses masterful musicians in this festive show ! Every year, Manuel Molina brings together some of the world’s most talented musicians for a one-of-a-kind musical performance, “A Night Around the World.” Year after year, Molina’s intuitive creativity blends seemingly dissimilar styles into a harmonious celebration of pure musical joy.

Cinco de Mayo 2018 at La Rumba-Denver

April 26, 2018 La Candela will be performing for Salsa Night on May 5th, 2018.  Dance lessons before we begin. New or experienced, All are welcome!!!CRAZY FUN!!! Jose Alberto singing with a gorgeous voice, Victor Mestas Pérez on Piano (seriously talented Masterful Musicians) Benjamin Jansen  Keys, Jonny Jyemo Timbales/Vox, Dennis Jaramillo  Bongo/Campana, Victor Nieves Congas, Jake Boldman and Gabriel Mervine Trumpets, Adam Bartczak and Roberto Jose Paredes Trombones, and Suzanne Morales (extraordinary Masterful Musicians), Vocal

Saturday, May 21: 7-8pm FIVE POINTS JAZZ FESTIVAL

May 20, 2016 Clint will be leading a sextet at Coffee At The Point this Saturday 7-8pm as part of the Five Points Jazz Festival. Should be a lot of fun and FREE!! Clint, Jeff Jenkins and Mike Marlier will comprise the rhythm section with the horns of David Froman, Jeremy Wendelin and Ron Wright. They’ll be bringing back a bunch of arrangements Clint wrote.



November 28, 2015 Ekaterina attended Central Music School for musically gifted children at the Moscow State Conservatory. Ms…. Continue Reading →