Saturday July 8 from 5-8pm: The Decadent Saint

July 5, 2017

A new venue for Bonnie! She’ll be playing with a fantastic young bassist, Andrew Rose, and the place is pretty cool too.  It is a winery, but they also make alcoholic cider (around 8% like beer), mixers. she  hasn’t tasted the pizza yet, but  saw it coming out of the wood fired oven, and it looked really delicious! Bonnie Lowdermilk (vocals, keys), Andrew Rose (upright bass).
Bonnie Lowdermilk (vocals, keys), Andrew Rose (upright bass
Event Location:The Decadent Saint
Address:  1501 Lee Hill Rd, Unit 14,
Boulder, CO 80304    Phone number (303) 775-4200

Masterful Musician, Bonnie Lowdermilk

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