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Published in The Knot…….again. Take a look!

June 25, 2016 Masterful Musicians gets to work with such Great Event Colleagues! Just look at Amber Fairbanks|Banks and Leaf, from August 29, 2015. AND now it is published in the KNOT. One-of-a-kind sculptures like a giant-size broom and dustpan provided a fun backdrop for photos.—Rory Kress **Autumn Burke Photography,Intricate Icings Cake Design., Plum Sage Flowers, Masterful Musicians , DJ RipM , DesignWorks by Dave , Kevin Taylor Catering ,Little White Dress.

Friday, June 24 from 7-10pm: Nextdoori Bar

June 24, 2016 The Tandoori Nextdoori Bar: Bonnie Lowdermilk with Bill McCrossen (bass), Bonnie Lowdermilk (vocals, keys) Right next to the Tandoori Grill with the same great food! 619 S Broadway Table Mesa Shopping Center Boulder, CO 80305. (303) 543-7339

Wednesdays at Willow Creek: Clint and Charlie

June 10, 2016 Willow Creek Restaurant sits next to Evergreen lake and has ALL the components plus a view! Masterful Musicians, Clint and Charlie will keep you cool with the sweetest jazz around. Like a fine wine, music that accompanies a meal should be soft and smooth. Watch these great musicians as they keep it COOL

Thursday, June 2: Treppedas

May 25, 2016 Treppedas has fantastic authentic Italian cuisine. Reservations are recommended. Be sure and let them know you want the room with the music. Bar seating is also available. Bill McCrossen (bass), Don Grove (drums), Bonnie (vocals, piano)

Saturday, May 21: 8:45-9:45pm FIVE POINTS JAZZ FESTIVAL

May 20, 2016 Masterful Musicians, Adam Revell be sharing the stage with AnDré Mali, Mario Pagliorulo, and Brian McCrae. The project is called Jazz Nicholson, and it’s eclectic, groovy, dirty, beautiful, and always lots of fun. Adam has been playing with these guys for the last couple of years regularly at the Pec downtown, so I know it’s going to be a great show

Saturday, May 21: 7-8pm FIVE POINTS JAZZ FESTIVAL

May 20, 2016 Clint will be leading a sextet at Coffee At The Point this Saturday 7-8pm as part of the Five Points Jazz Festival. Should be a lot of fun and FREE!! Clint, Jeff Jenkins and Mike Marlier will comprise the rhythm section with the horns of David Froman, Jeremy Wendelin and Ron Wright. They’ll be bringing back a bunch of arrangements Clint wrote.