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Bonnie Lowdermilk, “Might as Well be Spring”

March 20, 2019

Happy Spring everyone!
Masteful Musicians Bonnie Lowdermilk is delighted to present “Songs of the Duke” An Evening of Ellington and Strayhorn, with some of the area’s finest musicians at Caffe Sole on April 19. I hope you’ll be able to save that date on your calendar!
Friday April 19, Caffe Sole
637R S. Broadway,
Boulder 80305. Songs of the Duke – An evening of Ellington & Strayhorn.
Dinner service 6-8:30. Music 7-10. Bonnie Lowdermilk (vocals, piano), Max Wagner (alto sax, vocals), Bill McCrossen (bass), Jill Fredericksen (drums) $12 suggested music contribution

Classical & Contemporary, Of Course you can have BOTH!

March 4, 2016

Masterful Musicians play a huge variety of music. If given sheet music written for string instruments, our string quartets can play virtually everything. We’d love to help you design your own unique celebrations; ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions and dinner music.

Our teams of professional musicians are able to transition  seamlessly from one style to another. Your guests will enthralled by the quality of each performance. Give us a call. Ask what we can do. You will be amazed!


What is Looping? Why would I want it at my event?

February 11, 2016

Highly skilled musicians can record themselves LIVE. They play each part of a song and then layer up the music to sound more like an ensemble than a soloist. Watch Brett as she build this beautiful composition.