Country Dance Band: TCMP


The Country Music Project band for Masterful Musicians 2016

“TCMP works hard to honor the traditional sounds of country music and at the same time tackle the modern sounds of today’s artists.  With the most power vocal lineup in the Denver marketplace, TCMP is a must see for fans of vocal country music! With its mix of male and female four-part vocals, and instrumentation that includes acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitars, mandolin, keyboards, bass and drums, TCMP keeps alive the old sound of country music, but has the power to punch out the popular sounds of today’s new artists.   Most of all, TCMP wants to sound like a group of musicians, rather than a collection of amplifiers. Our sound won’t leave your ears ringing!  TCMP prides itself on the purity of its vocals and acoustic instrumentation, and the way our guitars, vocals and rhythm section blend together to make enjoyable, dance-able music!” Watch the fun at the Highland Ranch Mansion!

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